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Procedural Guidelines for Technology

Scope of Responsibility

The Technology Department is responsible for support of technology within the school district. This support extends to voice, data and video technologies. The Technology Department is the responsiblity of the Technology Director.
The Technology Director is responsible for the evaluation, planning, procurement and implementation of technology on a district-wide basis in support of the mission and objectives of the district. The Technology Director reports to the Superintendent.



All purchases of technology hardware are to be coordinated with the Technology Director. Repair and replacement purchases are to be done through the Technology Director.


All software purchases are to be coordinated with the Technology Director to insure optimum software value, compatibility, performance and utilization.


Printer ink and paper are considered school supplies and are budgeting for and purchased through each building's normal supply purchasing procedures. Building Administrators should forecast their own needed supply purchases. The Technology department may be consulted on determining ink specifications.


Warranties and contracts for computer equipment and services are be coordinated with the Technology Director.

Planning and Consultation


The Technology Director strives to maintain a projected purchasing scheduled of technology for the district, while working within the constraints of available funding.

Capital Projects

The Technology Director is involved in constantly evaluating and planning for improvements in technology in each building, as well as district-wide infrastructure.


The Technology Director must consider how all hardware and software components may integrate together and with curriculum when planning for improvement and considering purchases.

Asset Management


A computer hardware inventory is maintained by the technology department in accordance with state law and school policy.


Computers and related equipment may be re-deployed from it's original location to buildings or rooms where it is deemed to be most useful. No computer equipment is to be moved from it's inventoried room unless authorized by the Technology Director.


All school assets are to be disposed of in accordance with state, federal and local laws. C. A. Beard Schools is committed to maximizing the the full life of every asset, and only retires equipment when it has no further useful value.


Technology and software training is an essential part of any educational organization. Technology training may be scheduled through the Technology Director. All professional development opportunities must be
approved by the administration.


Computers and Network Services

Security may take the form of, but not be limited to, desktop management, network access restrictions and email restrictions. Teachers are ultimately responsible for the security of the computer equipment in their rooms. Students are to be supervised while using computers. Inappropriate conduct on school equipment will be subject to that buildings discipline procedures as set forth in the student handbook.

All users are to save their files to their network folder, in case of computer hardware or software failure. A comprehensive back-up strategy is in place for all files stored on school networks.

I.D. Badges

All school employees are required to obtain a school I.D. when starting employment. School I.D. badges may be obtained from the Helpdesk. Additional I.D. badges may be obtained upon request.

Hardware Support

All repairs and upgrades are to be conducted or coordinated through the helpdesk. Only computer equipment belonging to the Charles A. Beard School Corporation will be supported. Personal computer equipment will not be supported on the school premises. Special hardware "add-ons" which are included or required by specific software applications may not be supported. Only school-owned computer equipment may be attached to a school network.

Software Support

Operating Systems

Network and desktop operating systems, such as Windows 98 and Windows XP, are to be installed and updated by the Technology Staff. These operating systems are supported by the Technology Staff.


Knowledge of software applications such as administrative and educational programs are the responsibility of the end user. The Technology staff may assist in the installation of such software; however, may not have the resources to provide training or resolve application issues. Support for these applications should be obtained from the program users manual, any on-line help, or phone support number provided by the software company or vendor. Assistance in obtaining this support may be provided the technology staff. The Technology Director may prohibit or remove any software which may cause issues with other school software or hardware or is in violation of school policy.

Help Requests

All requests for technical assistance are to be directed to the helpdesk. The helpdesk may be contacted at 765-345-5050 or ext. 101 on the IP phone system or ext. 238 inside KHS. Requests may also be emailed to or made in writing to the helpdesk staff.


Software loaded on school equipment must comply with all copyright and licensing laws. School technology resources are intended solely for use in accordance with school policies and the district technology plan.


Technicians and Technology Staff

Technicians work under the direction of the Technology Director.

Media/Computer Aid

Media/Computer Aids work under the supervision of the Media Specialist and in cooperation with the Technology Director and the Building Principal to assist in optimizing available technology and media resources.

Technology Contract Services

All contract services related to school technology must be coordinated with the Technology Director.


The school email system is designed for use by faculty and staff. All permanent employees and eligible for this service, as well as, temporary employees. Personal use of the school email system is permitted. Each email box has a pre-defined limit of storage space available. All email is scanned for viruses and all email from outside the corporation passes through a spam filter. Some file types are not permitted as attachments.

Virus Protection

Virus scanning systems are utilized with do diligence at the network and workstation level; however, virus and malware prevention must be a team effort among all users.

Web Content Filtering

A CIPA compliant web content filter is used for all internet access to Charles A. Beard school buildings. The web content filter uses several methodologies for filter web sites. Any faculty or staff member who requires a currently blocked site or page to be unblocked, may submit the appropriate request form to their buildling principal or supervisor for consideration. Sites will be unblocked based on student need for specific course work and compliance of the URL with CIPA standards.

Internet Use Agreements

All employees must complete and return a copy of the Internet Use Agreement to the Helpdesk, before school technology.

All students wishing to use school computer technology must return a completed copy of the Internet Use Agreement to the helpdesk. These forms should be submitted at upon enrollment. A copy of this document will be kept on file and noted in the student's electronic record. Students who have not submitted a completed Internet Use Agreement may not access school technology.


Content for the school website may be submitted by faculty and students. All web designs and content must follow school policy standards. Official school web pages are to be hosted only on servers provided by the school.


All network and A/V wiring, cabling and terminations are to be supervised by the Technology Director. Installation of all electrical wiring and terminations must be coordinated through the maintenance department. All structured cabling is to be done in accordance to IEEE standards and building code.


All phone services and systems are responsibility of the Technology Director. All purchases and repairs for analog, digital, voice-over-ip, or cellular services or equipment should be coordinated with the the Technology Director.

State Reporting

Required electronic submission of state reports to the Indiana Department of Education is the responsibility of the Technology Director with assistance of the technology staff and cooperation of building principals and staff.

A level of network and computer desktop security consistent with a K-12 school environment will be maintained in accordance with state and federal law, and school board policy.
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